Lucas Lucas Morgan

Lucas Lucas Morgan

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First Name * Lucas
Last Name * Lucas Morgan
Username * surreal-reality
Country * USA
City Hatfield
Nationality Caucasian
Languages English





I grew up living in the Dallas / Forth Worth area of Texas, drifting along not knowing it, but always having a passion for creating stuff. Whether it be music, origami, the go cart, or even, imagine this, 3d. I've been at it. I didn't find my preferred medium for creating things until I got to the end of high school, and discovered the boundless freedom that a computer could provide.. and I got to it.

I graduated Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida in November of '09 with a bachelor in computer animation.

4 moths later, I moved to Houston, Texas for my first 3d related job, and worked for for 4 or 5 months then LSI inc, for another 6 -7 months, where I rounded off with a good year of experience before heading to Dallas to start at my current place of employment: John Perez Graphics.

I haven't stopped loving my my line of work, and despite believing everything they told me about how much more I will learn on the job.. I am still blown away by how many more things I have picked up and come to understand about the technical and artistic nature of my trade.

I have my sights ultimately set on hollywood. I want to be a part of a few major films, and then I'll probably want to start my own small business, or begin freelancing after that. Sometime later beyond that even, or if a business doesn't work out it would always be nice to teach. I've always enjoyed sharing what I know, as well as learning. SO I can only imagine I'd enjoy it for a living too.

On a last note, as much as I love this 3d, stuff.. work is still just a means to an end. My life would be pretty meaningless if it wasn't for some good friends, family, and the awesome adventures we go on to break up the monotony of the usual.

Love it.